Over the past three years Governor Kitzhaber has been focused on key policies that had to be implemented in order to address systemic barriers to poverty.  Those include education reform prioritizing increased investments in early learning and health care transformation bringing healthcare costs down for everyone.

Meanwhile First Lady Cylvia Hayes, through the Oregon Prosperity Initiative, has been raising awareness about the economic implications of poverty and creating a framework show how all major policy areas influence the root causes of poverty.  That framework is now being integrated into the long-term state budget which will become Oregon’s Ten-Year Plan for Prosperity.

These mutual efforts have now converged into Oregon Prospers, a comprehensive agenda to help ensure that every Oregonian – regardless of income, geography, or race – has an equal opportunity to meet their basic needs; to strive and reach their full potential; to better themselves through hard work and leave their children better off than they were both economically and environmentally.